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Edward Mulherin, CPA, Esq. Letter from our Founder and CEO

Edward Mulherin, CPA, Esq. Letter from our Founder and CEO

eCratchit is a group of extremely talented accountants and bookkeepers. We currently work with over 150 nonprofits all over the country as their “Finance Team” and have worked with hundreds more over the last 20 years. We are also extremely mission driven. It happened more by accident than plan, but after years of working with nonprofits and seeing the great work in which our clients were engaged and the impact we had helping, it dawned on me that this was a great way to do accounting and still make a real difference in the world.

A Perspective on providing services to Nonprofits

One thing I noticed after working with hundreds of nonprofits was that the really good ones all had a strong finance priority in common. STRONG FINANCE=STRONG MISSION. It became clear that with our backgrounds, skills, process and tools, we could make a real difference for our clients and help them achieve their mission. Not many accountants get to do that every day!

eCratchit is also a leader in the delivery of online accounting services. I started the company in 2000, before online was even popular (or the “Cloud” was developed). We developed Best of Breed online tools including a web-based platform that enables clients to access our proprietary accounts payable portal, as well as their QuickBooks data, 24/7 from any computer anywhere.

Add to that process, checklists, procedures all developed from years of experience and you get a proven solution — online. But, the tools and process are really no good without the dedicated 40 employees I mentioned before.

Our business is first and foremost a service business. People connecting with people. We partner closely with our clients and become part of their team. We set high expectations for ourselves and strive daily to achieve them.

We have years of experience working with nonprofits, we understand the issues they face. There isn’t much we haven’t seen or done over that time.

In brief, I have over 40 years experience working with nonprofits. This includes 20  years of experience as a CPA working with nonprofits as an auditor and consultant and the last 20 years providing CFO services to dozens of nonprofit clients. I really try to take a practical hands-on approach to our clients. But eCratchit is much more than my experience; our staff doesn’t turn over, we truly love our work, and we have highly motivated and experienced employees. They all understand GAAP rules for nonprofits and are comfortable talking the talk.

If you are having trouble with the finance functions at your nonprofit, give us a call. We would love to help you with your mission by becoming your finance team.




Our Team

Our people are what make us unique. eCratchit has grown over the last two decades and as we enter our third decade we foresee even more growth and success. These are the people that make that happen. 

Lianna Campbell

Chief Operating Officer

Jeanne Pagnozzi, CPA

Senior Director

Justin Buchman


Tori Campbell


Allison Devine, MBA

Accounting Manager

Vanessa Preston, MSA

Operations Manager

Joseph Meola, CPA, MSA

Client Operations Manager

Virginia Bernick

Senior Accountant

Craig Peterson, CPA

Senior Accountant

Lisa Cameron

Senior Accountant

Stacey Doherty

Senior Accountant

Jean Hervieux

Senior Accountant

Andrea Labossier

Senior Accountant

Carrie Lavigne

Senior Accountant

Sandra Masison

Senior Accountant

Kristin Narcisi

Senior Accountant

Debbi Smith

Senior Accountant

Will Urann

Senior Accountant

Gina Berry

Staff Accountant

Kelsey Butler

Staff Accountant

Dawn Byers

Staff Accountant

Benjamin Chace, CMA

Staff Accountant

Emilee Langan

Staff Accountant

Emma Mendes

Staff Accountant

Rose Molony, CPA

Staff Accountant

Mark Phan

Staff Accountant

Paul Maniscalco

Accounts Payable Manager

Erin McGrath

Accounts Payable Team Leader

Joline Metcalfe

Senior Accounts Payable Representative

Jacob Dencer

Accounts Payable Specialist

Shane Donlan

Accounts Payable Specialist

Darcy Conlin

Firm Administrator

Emily Antonowicz

Human Resource Manager

Gail Miller

Staff Administrator

A Review From a Satisfied Client

“Our partnership with eCratchit has eliminated the stress associated with bookkeeping, finance, and our annual independent audit. It’s wonderful to be able to turn to and count on a team of highly competent professionals, so I can focus my full attention on our mission and programs.”

 - Nonprofit Risk Management Center

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