Core eCratchit Accounting services supplemented by CFO Consulting as needed.

We control the process and ensure that your reports are meaningful, accurate and prepared on a timely basis. You get the financial information you need to monitor and manage the organization and make the right decisions. Our experience allows you to have the information needed to make good financial decisions

To help you with all things finance, we will assign you a qualified bookkeeper or accountant whom you can rely on as part of your team. We will accomplish various tasks for you, including paying bills, managing payroll and revenue process, and reconciling bank accounts weekly.

Our staff will also manage a timely close each month with online checklists, backup documentation on balance sheet accounts, customized reports and dashboards. We can provide those records for all of your many interested constituencies, such as your board, finance committee, management team, funders, and auditors.


We are QuickBooks experts. We have set up hundreds of nonprofits on QuickBooks.

Not on QuickBooks? No problem, we will convert your data and set you up.

Web Portal

We have also developed a proprietary web portal that allows complete control and visibility of your vendor transactions. The portal includes an online filing cabinet with scanned images of all vendor invoices.

Core eCratchit Accounting Services

Accounts Payable and Vendor Payments

Invoices will be coded at your office and sent to our team via fax, scan, or mail. Our Accounts Payable Department will scan, review, and input all that information into QuickBooks and present an organized open items list on our customized portal.

You will approve payments weekly online, and we will print and mail them. We process over 10,000 transactions per month. Everything is web-based, including all of your vendor invoices.


Our staff will work closely with your outsourced payroll service. Depending on the need, we will collect timesheets or implement an online solution and input, add, or delete changes to the payroll run. We then monitor the payroll and post by department and allocate it as needed to the general ledger.

In most cases, the client maintains responsibility for the HR function. But, we can help with checklists, benefits analysis, and other tasks as needed. We also help track paid time off (PTO), vacation, and sick time, pay pension benefits, as well as record payroll for the auditor at year-end.


These are normally processed by your organization. You will have it coded, deposited, and scanned or faxed to your account representative who will post as needed.


For many clients with cost-reimbursement contracts or other billables, we create a process to send invoices should the need arise.


We understand GAAP rules on pledges, so you can count on us to book, help track restrictions, and grant reporting as required. We work closely with your development team.


Our personnel will reconcile your books to your bank weekly. This is an added control that will make sure nothing is missed. We can create weekly cash flow monitoring tools if necessary.


Good accounting means no surprises from the finance operation during the year. You want to be in control and aware of the financial concerns all year long. We do this with dashboards, custom reports, comparing actual monthly budgets, and help forecast expected year-end results from a cash and GAAP perspective.

Our clients are happy that they no longer have any concerns over the finance issues and are always aware of where they stand and what challenges they face. They also get timely information so they can make the decision early to build and maintain a strong financial organization.

Audit Function

Most nonprofits require an independent outside audit annually. This can be a costly and time-consuming process that needs to be done right. Funders, boards, and government agencies need help to determine their compliance and financial strength.

At eCratchit Nonprofit, we have worked with hundreds of auditors and have more than 30 years of experience as auditors ourselves. We know what auditors are looking for and how to make the process as smooth as possible.

CFO Services

Most nonprofits don't require a full-time CFO. Our service allows our clients access to experienced nonprofit CFOs on an as needed basis.

Our CFO Experience Sets Us Apart

  • We have worked with hundreds of nonprofits around the country. Whether you are a startup nonprofit that needs new systems and processes or a large, complicated organization that just can’t seem to get timely, accurate numbers. We have the proven solutions.
  • We have been brought in by Boards when all other options have failed and we have succeeded time and again at creating stability and confidence in the finance team and product.
  • We have developed reporting tools to easily manage cash flow, forecasting and budgeting and Reporting packages including dashboards and graphs to communicate results to Boards, Management and Funders.
  • Communication ‐ many times the problem we are asked to solve and the one many accountants fail at is communication. We take great pride in our ability to clearly communicate financial results to all of the different constituencies of a nonprofit. This is more art than science and after presenting financial data at hundreds of Board meetings we have honed our presentation skills.
  • We have backgrounds as auditors and understand what auditors need. We have also worked with dozens of auditors to make sure our clients independent audit proceeds smoothly and without issues.

We take a practical approach to managing the Finances for our clients

  • Our backgrounds also include managing the day to day activities of finance departments for a variety of nonprofits. We understand that there needs to be cost benefits when determining accounting process and structure and pride ourselves in taking a hands on practical approach to management. 

    We don’t get bogged down in the numbers; but understand how to prioritize financial information to make sure everyone understands the financial goals of the organization and clearly monitor progress so that there are no surprises when it comes financial performance.


    Fees for CFO services are based on hourly rates, but we have many clients that as part of our “Full Service” accounting solution, only need a few hours periodically of CFO time once our systems are in place. For CFO consulting and interim CFO services, we will quote an expected fees structure that in most cases will be substantially less other options

High-Quality Solutions

Our clients can attest to our service and professionalism. We know that cost is an important consideration, so we create a weekly flat fee that is based on the scope and complexity of the services required.

In most cases, our cost is the same or considerably less than hiring an internal bookkeeper and finance team. We can provide services for less because we create an efficient process, and working online allows us to leverage our nonprofit and QuickBooks experts over many clients.